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The story of Jamie Slaymaker

Having been able to work as a personal trainer in Tokyo for over 10 years and the opportunity to train a wide range of amazing people has certainly been one of the best experiences of my life to date. I am passionate about health and fitness and seeing the success my clients are able to achieve. I have trained people from many different backgrounds, ages, males and females. Every client has his or her own personal motivation and goals when it comes to working with a personal trainer.
A client that really stands out is Jamie Slaymaker. When I first met Jamie he was in his early 30's, working in the corporate world and centered his life around work, nights out, smoking, bad eating habits and lots of alcohol. I knew I could help Jamie in achieving his fitness goals, but we both knew it would some time. I not only provided Jamie with a fitness plan, but we worked on his eating and nutrition. Jamie did what he needed to do and the results started
happening almost immediately. This motivated Jamie and he was unstoppable as his fitness improved. Jaimeʼs weight dropped and his energy levels escalated where he was feeling healthier and happier. Jamie went from being overweight and unfit to an unstoppable fitness machine. He went from doing general exercise to participating in triathlons and now competes in Ironman races. His success has been my success and can
be yours too! To read more about Jamieʼs amazing journey please click on the link provided.