Full Focus Personal Training in Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Rosanna, Alphington, Fairfeild, Kew and Hawthorn Melbourne | Books I have learned from

Full Focus Personal Training recommends the following books as sources of information and inspiration to help guide you and motivate throughout your training and beyond.

The Genius Of Flexibility : Bob Cooley

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy: James F. Clapp III. M.D

Complete Triathlon Book : Matt Fitzgerald

Strength Training For Triathletes : Patrick Hagerman , Ed D

Core Stability Injury Free Performance : Peak Performance

Peak Performance , The Reasearch Newsletter on Stamina, Strength and Fitness

Abs On The Ball : Colleen Craig : Rose Marie Gionta Alfieri

Function Training For Sports: Michael Boyle

The Complete Book Of Core Training : Kurt, Brett & Mike Brungardt

Strength Training For Women: Lori Incledon

The Ultimate Guide To Weight Training For Running : sportsworkout.com

The Ultimate Guide To Weight Training For Swimming : sportsworkout.com

The Ultimate Guide To Weight Training For Golf : sportsworkout.com

The Ultimate Guide To Weight Training For Triathlon: sportsworkout.com

Sports Medicine essentials : Jim Clover & Kay Stevens

The Body Sculpting Bible For Women : James Villepigue & Hugo Rivera

The Body Sculpting Bible For Men : James Villepigue & Hugo Rivera

Strength Training Anatomy : Frederic Delavier

Fix Your Back : Anna - Louise Bouvier

Spinal Stabilization The New Science Of Back Pain : Rick Jemmett

The Whartons Back Book : Jim & Phil Wharton

The Healthy Back Exercise Book : Deborah Fielding

Posture Alignment : Paul D’Arezzo

Core Performance Endurance : Mark Verstegen

The Revolutionary Workout Program to Transform Your Body & Your Life : Mark Verstegen

Embracing The Warrior , An Essential Guide For Women : Dr Karen Coates & Vincent Perry

How To Eat , Move And Be Healthy : Paul Chek

The Complete Book Of Personal Training : Douglas S. Brooks

Star Foods : Dr Joanna McMillan Price & Judy Davie

The G.I. Factor : Dr Jennie Brand Miller, Dr Stephen Colagiuri, Kaye Foster-Powell, Dr Anthony Leeds

Frame Work : Nicholas A. DiNubile

Functional Fitness: Larkin Barnett

Ultra Fit , Your Personal Trainer : John Shepherd

The Encyclopedia Of Exercise Sport And Health: Dr Peter Brukner, Dr Karim Khan, John Kron

Anybody’s Guide To Total Fitness : Dr Len Kravitz

The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual : Paul Chek

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