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Fullfocus Personal Trainng Program

Weight Loss / Management

If your goal is to lose body fat, look great and feel good, then Full Focus Personal Training can help you achieve your goals. There is no magic pill, just a firm commitment and dedication. Through healthy eating habits and an exercise program that is designed specifically for you, you will lose weight, become stronger, leaner and fitter. Your energy levels will increase and you will also improve your overall health and wellbeing and feel great.

Functional Training

Athletes and ordinary people use functional training to enable them to perform better dayin-day-out. There are many benefits to functional training - co ordination, balance and agility, as well as gaining strength and increasing power. Most of these exercises can be done using your own body weight, dumbbells or even a stability ball. Functional training uses more energy and burns more calories than using weighted machines, providing a greater transfer of gains enabling you to do what and love to do without difficulties.


Being flexible has its advantages not only for those who play a sport, but also in everyday life. Your will feel a lot better when you have greater flexibility. Being more flexible will help you avoid any injuries that are likely to occur if you are tight. Many people spend a majority of their day sitting behind a desk. Without adequate stretching and movement you decrease your natural flexibility as well as muscle imbalance. Many benefits are achieved through stretching including decreased muscle soreness, increased tissue relaxation, improved blood circulation and more fluidity in your movement. You will be sitting up straighter, walking taller, feeling lighter and stronger.

Postural Assessment

As we get older, we move less. With a decline in exercise to keep us functional, our range of motion becomes smaller, leading to poorer posture. Postural alignment begins to collapse as muscles become stiff and weaken. With correct stretching and strengthening exercises, core muscle groups are targeted. When muscles are stretched we become more flexible and when muscles are used we become stronger. As our alignment improves we feel better and we are able to move more.

Core Conditioning

The term core is used to outline the muscles that control the spine, in particular your abdominals, waist and lower back. The core consists of many different muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and run the entire length of the torso. Core conditioning requires the brain and deep muscles to work fired up in order to create spinal and pelvic stability. When these muscles are fired up, they stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle, creating a solid base of support that as a result, generates powerful movements of Programsextremities.
A strong core reduces back pain, improves athletic performance and also improves postural imbalances.


Following an injury, it is necessary that joints return to their proper alignment. This is done through a good rehabilitation program that includes treatment and activities that restore the body back to its former condition. There are particular exercises that are specified in order to improved function in order for proper alignment and joint stability to occur.
Rehabilitation exercises that take place target balance and range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Circuit / Group Training

Circuit / Group Training combines body weight and training exercises that incorporate a large cardiovascular component. It's an enjoyable way of training and a highly effective way of getting fit. It increases cardiovascular ability, strength, endurance and fat burning ability and sports performance.
Circuit training can be done in your own home, backyard or in a park. Training can also be done one-on-one or in a group. Group training is not only fun but pushes you to work that extra bit harder due to the competition around you.

Sports Specific Training

Whether youʼre an athlete, a sports enthusiast or someone that enjoys keeping fit, Full Focus Personal Training can develop a program tailored to a specific sport. I have worked with professional triathletes, swimmers, runners, golfers, basketball players, footballers and hikers to prepare them for peak performance.
Before creating a personalized fitness program, Full Focus Personal Training will conduct an initial fitness analysis, along with a developing a plan around your fitness goals.
Plans are designed around your fitness priorities and schedule. To ensure you are progressing towards your goals safely, Full Focus Personal Training will monitor your progress at various stages, ensuring you remain on track, motivated and seeing results.

Pre - Post Natal Exercise

Pre Natal

Full Focus Personal Training takes a safe approach to a healthy and active pregnancy.
During a normal, healthy pregnancy, moderate to vigorous exercise is safe for both the baby and the pregnant exerciser. Pregnant exercisers are less likely to experience fatigue, back ache and varicose veins.

Benefits Of Maternal Exercise
* Improves self esteem
* Improves sleeping pattern
* Helps maintain fitness
* Increases energy levels
* Makes labor more tolerable
* Prepares the body for extra weight load
* Helps avoid excessive weight gain
* May facilitate postpartum recovery

Post Natal

There are many factors that determine when a post natal mother is ready to exercise.
A post natal mother is different to a pre natal lady, therefore it is important that the motherʼs personal training program reflects on these changes. After giving birth, there are many physical outcomes that may occur. Certain outcomes include, sleep deprivation, lack of time, breastfeeding, stress and low self esteem. Full Focus Personal Training takes into account the physical outcomes and guides you in the right direction.

Once the post natal mother returns to exercise we focus on :

* A tailored exercise plan that helps you achieve the goals you want
* Weight loss
* Core Conditioning
* Improving strength
* Improving posture
* Increasing metabolic rate
* Increasing energy levels
* Reduce stress and anxiety
* Improve self esteem